Corporate Orders

We recognize the benefits of networking your business and that customer service is everything in today’s business world. We understand how important clients, customers, suppliers, employees and friends are in this competitive business world. At ‘How U Doin’?’ Gift Baskets, we know that the gifting gesture is loaded with sentiment and the need to make an impression. All it takes is that simple show of caring and appreciation that can make a world of difference for you and for your business.

We can integrate your corporate brand into an innovative gift basket with delicious premium quality products that will recognize the recipient as a valuable part of you business. You can provide us with your business cards, brochures or items with your company logo and we will incorporate them into the gift basket. We want to set your company apart and award it the attention and promotion that it deserves and you have worked so hard to accomplish.

You dedicate your self to your business and we dedicate ourselves to designing unique custom corporate gift baskets. We understand that it is your reputation as well as ours going out with each corporate gift.

We look forward to designing exclusively for you, so if you have a custom request, a question, or just need some additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help,

Connie and Gerry How U Doin Gift Baskets

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